Barbapapa’s Merchandising ERP

barbapapa Client’s presentation Client’s needs and context

AT Video is the company owned by the right-holders of kids books Barbapapa, born in the 1970s and having immediately experienced a huge success towards the public.

Based in Paris, this company manages, among others, the fees and royalties coming from the various publishing companies and TV channels throughout the world.

It also deals with all the relationships with agents and licensed entities for the creation of Barbapapa derivative products, aiming at ensuring the integrity of graphic design of characters as well as their use.

 AT Video wished to have at its disposal a secure and collaborative web application for the merchandising management of its derivative products (cuddly toys, clothes, accessories).

This collaborative platform is used by all the project’s stakeholders (AT Video, agents, licensed entities) from the idea of the derivative product to its development and then to the finalization of the agreement (royalties fixing, guaranteed minimum payments, etc…).

  Solution developed by TEKLIKO
Within 8 weeks, TEKLIKO developed a custom-made merchandising ERP:

  • Definition of the data model corresponding to both current and expected needs
  • Development of the agreement management system, products and associated forums, style-guides management, statistic follow-up by product
  • Introduction of an access rights management system
  • Development of a bookmarkable requesting interface
  • Drafting of an online user’s manual modifiable in an autonomous way

TEKLIKO ensures besides the hosting, administration, and maintenance of the applications.

TEKLIKO also realized the Barbapapas’ shop window website as well as the revamping and evolutions of the platform.

Trilingual homepage displaying last forums messages Management of users / entities accounts
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Focus on a product’s management page Focus on a deal’s management page
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