easy-verres Client’s presentation Client’s needs and context

Easy-verres.com is one of the most important actors in the online glasses selling business in France.

It is the only “pure player” whose quality is recognized by ophtalmologists thanks to its network of 750 opticians in charge of glasses assembly.

It is also the only one to propose to its clients a real-time electronic third-party payment system with a connection to health mutual insurance companies through web services, VPN and CFT.

Easy-verres.com, so as to launch its business, asked TEKLIKO about the possibility to realize a full e-commerce website as well as its associated back-office:

  • The customer purchasing process: welcome, outcome, product, choice of an optician, validation, client input
  • The intranet of opticians-partners: login, validation of glasses assembly
  • Optic Neo” back-office: clients’ data bases, suppliers, partners, glasses’ selection, social security codes, billing (promotions’ management), dematerialization treatment forms, opticians’ assembly forms
  Solution developed by TEKLIKO
Besides the development of the e-commerce website, TEKLIKO sat up a set of web services with health mutual insurance companies enabling easy-verres to be the only glasses selling website to propose the third-party payment system for its customers:

  • Online store developed with the php CodeIgniter framework
  • Applicative heart (model, business functions, web services) developed with Java JEE
  • Back-office developed with Objectwiz
  • The back-office generates by itself “cerfa” reimbursement forms (dematerialization)

TEKLIKO ensures also the hosting, administration and maintenance of the application in its high-availability hosting solution, which has enabled easy-verres to absorb the sharp rise in traffic without having to change its hosting solution.

Site homepage with purchasing process Dematerialization of treatment form with 1/3-payment response in 90 seconds through VPN connection with mutual health insurances. Implementation of “0-excess to be paid by patient”
opticneo1 edc_verres2
Choice of optician-partner through geo-referencing
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