General software solutions

Business applications

TEKLIKO puts technology at the service of your business in order to develop a tailored solution to all your organization’s members and thus raising their productivity and comfort of use:

  • Analysis, synthesis, inventories, orders, diagnosis and decision support tools
  • Inter-SI through web-services applications, CFT


Intranet / Extranet

The secure extranet networks developed by TEKLIKO (providers portals, customers extranet, business extranet) enable to optimize the relationship with counterparts outside your organization. These are cooperation tools supporting a common project which may integrate:

  • Profiles management, monitoring project dashboards, directories, resources management


Collaborative tools

Exchange between members and valuation of knowledge base of your organization stands at the basis of collaborative applications developed by TEKLIKO:

  • Wikis, collaborative portal, blogs, forums, enterprise social networks (ESN)