Healthcare sector

Dematerialization of data exchanges

Since 2010, TEKLIKO has developed a strong know-how in dematerialization of health data exchanges:

  • TEKLIKO sat up secure web services aiming at exchanging health data between the applications it develops and technical concentrators of mutual health insurances. This setting-up was realized in conformity with OPTOMAC standards.
  • These connections can also be performed through VPN or CFT


Users and patients interfaces

TEKLIKO has worked in several occasions on the specific issue of users interfaces for practitioners and patients:

  • TEKLIKO took in charge the design and development of «selfcare patients» type interfaces for
  • TEKLIKO performed the design and developement of practitioners users interfaces for the back-office of and for the application dedicated to non-classified practitioners (dieteticians, osteopaths)


Decision help – Big data/Simulation

In the context of development of projects for its clients, TEKLIKO:

  • Implemented algorithms of automated selection of corrective glasses on the basis of patient’s ophtalmic data
  • Jointly conducts with a University Hospital a study for the implementation of a system devoted to real-time observation of infectious risks arising in surgery


Thus, in healthcare sector, TEKLIKO ensures the development of solutions from e-commerce websites of healthcare services and products ( website, the sole to propose to its customers third-party payment system) to patients data management online applications (free software for non-classified practitioners: dieteticians, osteopaths), as well as medical simulation applications (infectious risk in surgery).