objectwiz What is Objectwiz ?

Objectwiz is an open-source administration solution for JEE applications.

Once connected to a JEE application, Objectwiz enables to an administrator to perform basic operations on entity beans (request, creation, modification) and invoke session beans’ methods.

User interfaces are dynamically generated from the data model, from the functions and from the rights detected on your application server, at the very heart of the management application.

Display setting is possible to obtain a complete management application enabling to build back-offices in a few hours.

  • Deployed in operational databases
  • Enables object-oriented data handling, contrary to traditional data administration tools, accessing directly to SQL data
  • Open-source since September 2009
  • More information on objectwiz.org
Objectwiz’ interface evolves while interacting with the user
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Why would you use Objectwiz ? What may Objectwiz provide you with ?
  • You have raw unexploited data and limited resources (staff, timing, finance)
  • You are looking for a solution to represent relationships between data in a graphical way.
  • You wish to focus on the applicative heart of your application and not on user interfaces development
  • You wish to administer your data from an object-oriented and not from a relational point of view
  • Objectwiz support all SQL-based data systems through ORM frameworks
  • Objectwiz is an open-source software solution: robust, independent, sustainable, free, scalable
  • If the application was designed in an ”object-oriented” way, Objectwiz will comply with this approach