Our methodology

Your project’s launching in 3 steps


Understand your project’s objectives

  • The project manager begins by integrating the whys and wherefores of your project
  • This integration enables to make sure that the specification needs of the application to be developed is in accordance with
    the business needs
    and to answer the questions of the development team

Choose technologies appropriate to your project

  • According to your project, your application will need a defined number of layers: graphical user interfaces, data treatment
    functions, APIs, application servers, a data–storage space…
  • The characteristics of your project will enable us to determine the best “mix” among technologies of which we have
    acquired a strong expertise.
    These technologies are selected on the basis of their performance, their industry adoption,
    and their license (mainly open-source technologies):
  • For a “shop-window” website, we will probably propose you to use WordPress
  • For more complex applications, they will be developed with php and CodeIgniter framework or with Java/JEE

Set up good practices of project management

  • Your application has to benefit from a panel of tools and procedures ensuring it sustainability/resilience over the long-term
    and enabling it to adapt to your project’s evolutions, new technologies and change of providers and development team
  •  Versioning tool: SVN ; development environment: Netbeans ; productivity tools for Java projects: Maven, JRebel,
    Objectwiz ; project management tool, evolutions and bugs tracking: Smartsheet

Your project’s implementation


Ensure management and development of your project

  •  Project managers and graphic designers are close to the clients, in direct and regular contact in order to ensure direct and efficient exchanges
  •  The development is ensured by our dedicated team in Singapore under the direct monitoring of one of our team members present there

Make your technical team increase its expertise

  •  The technical teams of our customers are involved to the maximum to ensure an optimum level of autonomy and make sure that the client keeps control over his project

Propose to you an outsourced high-availability hosting solution as well as maintenance of your application

  • TEKLIKO has partnered with Dalibo and Ielo to set up a high-availability hosting infrastructure