Our team

Vincent Laugier – Strategy & Technique Alcibiade Lichterowicz – Marketing & Administrative

Trained at McGill University, graduated from Télécom Bretagne and Grenoble Business School, he founded TEKLIKO in 2005

  • Java and data model expert, he supervised the orangeadomicile.fr project for which he performed part of the development
  • Active developer of pending TEKLIKO projects

Graduated from Engineering School ENSTA and Master of Finance of Dauphine University in 2004, joined TEKLIKO in 2012

Former investor at Paris-Orléans, head holding of Rothschild Group

  • 4 years, Senior Investment Manager – Private Equity
  • Experiences at Sara Lee (Chicago), Eurazeo, Rothschild
Salma Alsassa – Development Engineer TEKLIKO Pte Ltd – Subsidiary of TEKLIKO in Singapore

After having worked in various start-ups and engineering companies, Salma has joined TEKLIKO in May 2014

  • Successful experience of software development monitoring within start-ups
  • Developer of SPOT-RISC project, in partnership with Regional University Hoital Center

TEKLIKO Pte Ltd is a French TEKLIKO’s 100%-owned subsidiary, based in Singapore, and has numerous assets:

  • A highly-qualified and efficient team
  • Optimization of development costs
  • Location in the economic “hub” of South East Asia