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ORFéAD (Tools and Networks for the Federation, Analysis and Use of Data in Forensic Medicine) is an open-source platform and network for research, training and observation of violence in France.


Developed in collaboration with the Resuscitation Department of the Brest CHRU, ICUDYN is an open-source decision support tool for resuscitation units providing for each patient a summary table of states as well as a prediction of these states for them. hours to come.



TRAQUER is a solution for networking the hygienic services of establishments in a territory in order to monitor BHRe patients. The project is open-source and developed in partnership with the CHRU of Brest, the CHT of New Caledonia and the Institut Pasteur.

Open source

Julia projects

The projects developed in partnership with the CHUs are all open-source and developed using the Julia language:,,,

Individually, Tekliko members are contributors or lead-developer of the following projects: PostgresORM.jl, BlindBake.jl, IOLogging.jl

Data science



SPE3DLAB is a web and open-source data analysis solution with the dual objective of enabling medical researchers to work on unstructured data and to simplify descriptive, predictive, causal, clustering and hypothesis testing analyzes. SPE3DLAB is developed in partnership with the Brest CHUs and the APHP.

Nancy transport quality of service

Tekliko is developing a tool for analyzing the quality of service of the Greater Nancy transport network. The tool aggregates BigData data from buses and trams to derive synthetic indicators allowing the metropolis to ensure the quality of the service provided to Nancy residents (i.e. marking of stops, regularity, punctuality). Thanks to its Julia middleware, the tool can exploit the large volumes of data collected by the network.


Forensic medecine

Tekliko has been participating since 2017 with forensic medical units in research aimed at better understanding and predicting the pathways of patients examined by forensic pathologists. One of the research themes is in particular the prediction of Total Inability to Work.

Merchandising management


Merchmgt is a merchandising management solution developed for ten years in partnership with the beneficiaries of the Barbapapa character. The solution has been marketed since 2020 by the company Kazachok.